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Oct 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
law, it cannot be implemented until next year. the law requires voters to show one of five types of photo identification to cast a ballot. it was the first voting rights law in nearly 20 years that the justice department refused to approve. the mother of a former navy seal killed in libya has called on mitt romney to stop talking about her son during his political campaign. >> the gop presidential nominee told voters about a chance encounter with glen doherty at a christmas party a few years ago. he was one of four americans killed in the attack in benghazi. >> it touched me as i recognized this young man that i thought was so impressive that. lost his that craig romney praised the young man for his bravery when the u.s. embassy was under attack, but the young man's mother told a boston tv station to do not want romney discussing her son. a campaign spokesman says romney will respect her wishes. it's 47 degrees. >> details on an early morning rescue in f [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even wh
Oct 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
's the deadline for d.c. s to get registered to detained there address. a new city law in the district up atthey can sign polling stations on election day their ballot. but then the ballot would have to be verifieand can only be afterwards. the city has to verify that it was cast by qualified voter. virginia remains the focus of a campaign. this afternoon, first lady obama will speak to leesburg at the loudoun county fairgrounds. tickets are required. in the evening, the first be at a fundraiser in mclean. while the first lady is in president will supporters at ohio state university in columbus. mitt romney will make a stop in ohio and iowa. vice-president joe biden and republican nominee paul ryan are debate onfor a thursday. outside, 45 degrees. wet. >> still ahead, the mother of accused murderer george gets her first television interview. i believe in the beginning that he was innocent. i believe in the beginning tit's time to get real about what happens in the bathroom. and start talking about what you really want from your toilet paper. it's time to talk about clean. feeling clean is so imp
Oct 10, 2012 5:00am EDT
the new law employers to do not provide full time -- who did not provide insurance. there are beginning to test a part-time plan in several markets across the country. public transportation is growing in popularity. amtrak reported a record 31.2 million people roaxd in a 12 month period. republican presidential nominee mitt romney has been promising to end taxpayer support for the railroads if elected. we will track this debate with you as the events unfold. stocks indicating a lower open. that is business news. back to you. >> thank you very much. hope you enjoy the rest of your day. 5:53 right now. i think a lot of people will enjoy today. temperatures up a bit. >> clouds are moving out. just in time for game 3 at home. agreeable weather today at the nats part. the mark, temperatures will slide back down. -- tomorrow, temperatures will slide back down. let's look at this picture here. from a facebook friend of mine. you see something in that cloud formation? a cat. if you look closely, you might see a cat. the sppoky eyes -- spooky eyes, mouth. anduyy says it looks like it million. ta
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3